Moving Forward Together

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

-Henry Ford.

The mock interviews, performed by volunteers in the business community are an integral part of the last week before graduation from the LegUp program. We are all excited as we prepare for their big day. Invitations have been sent, certificates printed, and everyone has the slightest air of anticipation about them as we move forward. During this process our clients get the chance to practice everything they have been taught through the LegUp Program cycle, by sitting down for a formal practice interview with a member of the business community. This real world testing allows for feedback and encouragement, to better facilitate the future successes of our graduates-to-be.

Were it not for you, moving forward with us, as donors and volunteers, our clients would not have the chances for success that they do now. We gratefully encourage you to continue moving forward with us, as the LegUp succeeds in preventing and ending homelessness through advocacy, support, and friendship.

-The LegUp Team

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